Monday, May 28, 2007

eBay Sales Reports

You can set up sales reports in My eBay to track your sales activity for the month. They will enable you to track your sales performance and maximise your business on eBay.

Reports can be accessed by going to the Selling view of My eBay and clicking the "Sales Reports" link.

Friday, May 11, 2007

eBay Knocks Out Yahoo! Auctions

The fight is over, and eBay won. In a message on its site, Yahoo! told users it would discontinue its auction service.

"After careful consideration, we have decided to close down our Yahoo US and Canada Auction sites to better serve our valued customers through other Yahoo properties," the U.S. auctions site told visitors on Tuesday.

According to Hitwise, Yahoo had little choice but to shut down in a field dominated by eBay, which has a 94 percent market share.

"It comes with little surprise given Yahoo's advertising relationship with eBay, and eBay's massive dominance of the auction category," Hitwise research director LeeAnn Prescott wrote.

The decision to dump the auction service comes on the heels of last week's move to scrap Yahoo Photos. The company told users to migrate to Flickr.

"We are making great strides in our ongoing efforts to align Yahoo's resources and focus on core strategic priorities," said Jeff Weiner, executive vice president of Yahoo's Network Division.


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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Create an About Me Page

Creating an About Me page gives you the opportunity to tell buyers about you. You can say anything you want to, and include links to external sites. Tell people your philosophy, why they should buy from you, your background, even add a photo. You can add up to 2 photos.

It doesn’t matter which eBay site you add your page to, it is automatically duplicated in all the other eBay sites.

You can follow their step by step creation process, or use your own HTML.

About Me page overview

Create an About Me page

You can also use your About Me page to promote your own websites, or affiliate links, as a form of marketing.

An About Me page gives buyers more confidence in you as a seller, and will help you to make money selling on eBay.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

How to Live The eBay Lifestyle

There are many tools we can use to make administrative tasks easier, to make sure we choose the HOT (and profitable) products, to make listing on eBay easier. Did you also know that once you have your eBay business established, you can AUTOMATE most of it? That means lots of leisure time!

Follow this step by step process and live the eBay lifestyle.

Steps to an eBay Lifestyle


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Make Money Selling on eBay vs Online eCommerce Store

it's all about traffic! Instead of driving traffic to your store, eBay already gets the traffic! Why reinvent the wheel? Use eBay and piggyback on their success.

2,000,000 shoppers visit eBay each and every day to find products that will give them solutions to their problems, with their credit cards in hand. They spend $121,000,000,000 EVERY DAY on eBay.

It makes sense to use a market that’s already looking for products and ready to buy.
It makes sense to utilise Ebay’s excellent reputation and extensive advertising – you get that for free when you sell items on eBay. No need to find a new market and new customers.

Visitors to eBay are usually ready to buy.

Your eCommerce store needs to establish itself, its market, get people's trust, and will cost a lot more to be built than selling on eBay.

MAKE MONEY SELLING ON eBAY - it makes sense!!


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Use Auctiva to List on eBay

Auctiva is an eBay approved site that you can use to list your items on eBay. It’s free, and they automatically create a store for you, using your user name in the URL. The selling title, category, shipping, description and payment etc are all on one page, making it quicker to list than on eBay itself. And unlike eBay’s TurboLister, Auctiva gives you a variety of templates to use in your listings, to make them more professional.

A scrolling bar is automatically created in your listings to show other items in your store, and links back to it.

And best of all, it’s 100% free.

Go to Auctiva to create your account.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

How To Find Hot Products

Use eBay's Completed Listings facility to see whether a product is hot or not. In Advanced Search, type in your keyword, then click on Completed Listings underneath. It will show you which auctions in the last 2 weeks completed successfully (in green) and which did not (in red). If there are a lot of reds, then the product is probably not popular, although there may be other reasons those products didn’t sell.

This gives you a general idea of what sort of products are worthwhile spending time on in further research.

You can also examine the auctions for title, description, and starting price to work out why one auction was successful, and another wasn’t.

Once you’ve found a popular niche/keyword, then go to
Terapeak to research it further, and get exact information on competitors, sales reports, when to sell, how much to sell for, and more. This information is a must for serious sellers, if you want to make money selling on eBay